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Political Surveillance Predates Terrorist Attacks
Surveillance-court judge quits in protest: Seattle Times article
How Cheney used the NSA for domestic spying prior to 9/11: Online Journal article
Official: Bush authorized spying multiple times Senior intelligence officer says president personally gave NSA permission:
MSNBC article
Soldier Avoids Jail, Detainee Receives Harsher Sentence
Trial Illuminates Dark Tactics of Interrogation: Los Angeles Times article
Documents Tell of Brutal Improvisation by GIs: Washington Post Article
Brutality in a U.S. uniform Sleeping-bag trick killed Iraqi general: San Francisco Chronicle article
Justice Department Googles Your Googles
Feds want records of Web searches: Seattle Times article
Google defies White House over disclosing users' searches: Guardian (UK) article
Google Records Subpoena Raises Privacy Fears: National Public Radio report
U.S. Obtains Internet Users' Search Records: Los Angeles Times article
Born Again Principal Claims 'God Was Never Mentioned'
Religious group's assembly investigated: Chicago Sun Times article
Seven Project web site: Seven
Senator Frist Prescribes Profit Protection
Legislators Manufacture Liabilty Vaccine
Emergency Cuts Crowd Emergency Rooms
Condi Taps White House Crony to Hold Foreign Aid Purse Strings
Rice to Group Foreign Aid in One Office in State Dept.: New York Times article
U.S. set to announce overhaul on foreign aid: Reuters article
Rice Explains Aid Restructuring to USAID Employees: Washington Post article
US aid appointment draws fire: article
Frog Fungus  Foments Fears
Global warming boosts fungal epidemic in frogs: New Scientist article
Warming Tied To Extinction Of Frog Species: Washington Post article
Global warming and fungus disease lethal to frogs: CBC News report
it's all true archive
it's all true archive