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Government's Domestic Spying Program Gets Physical
The Letter of the Law: US News and World Report article
'Warrantless' searches not unprecedented: Washington Times article
Legal Authorities Supporting the Activities of the NSA: US Department of Justice white paper
Senate Vows to Top Recent 'Largest Ever' Tundra Oil Spill
Alaska Oil Spill Went Undetected for Days : Houston Chronicle article
GOP bids to take ANWR while region was ravaged by major oil spill : Free Press article
Alaska's North Slope sees its biggest oil spill :Reuters article
Government Lawyer Colludes With Airlines and Crash Lands Moussaoui Case
Lawyers offer motive in 9/11 trial tampering : Chicago Tribune article
Airline lawyers hit by claims at 9/11 hearing : Hong Kong Standard article
Lawyers claim witness coaching in Moussaoui case was to aid airlines in 9/11 lawsuit : San Diego Daily Transcript article
Credit Card Payment Generates Unusually High Rate of Interest
Pay too much and you could raise the alarm: Scripps Howard News Service article
Big brother breakdown: R.I. retiree ‘netted’ in federal snafu: Boston Herald article
'Strategic Jesus' Always Wears Body Armor While Healing the Afflicted
Christian science : Guardian article
Martin, Gregg F. Jesus the Strategic Leader. Strategy Research Project. Carlisle Barracks: U.S. Army War College, 5
April 2000
Allah Finally Able to Get E-Mail Account, Still Working on Instant Messenger
it's all true archive
it's all true archive