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Pentagon in Permanent State of Denial over Permanent Bases
US bases in Iraq: a costly legacy: Christian Science Monitor article
U.S. Plans New Bases in the Middle East: Washington Post article
The U.S. won’t leave Iraq unless Iraqis force it out: article
Agency Assets Assume Arrest Authority
House poised to grant arrest powers to CIA and NSA : Federation of American Scientists release
Wide arrest powers, revoking pensions : Baltimore Sun article
Letter to Reps Hoekstra and Harman : Project on Government Oversight letter to Congress
House intelligence bill gives CIA, NSA more arrest, pension power to counter leaks : article
Stealth Lobbying Campaign Traced to Eighteen Families
18 families fighting estate tax, study says: Seattle Post-Intelligencer article
Stealth campaign of super-wealthy to repeal federal estate tax exposed: Public Citizen Press Release
Death to the Death Tax?: Washington Post article
Researchers Confirm Destruction of Coral Reefs
Caribbean Coral Suffers Record Death: San Francisco Chronicle article
Caribbean coral threatened: Telegraph (UK) article
Scientists Warn of Threat to Coral Reefs: ABC News Report
Municipalities Report Inability to Meet Increased Aid Requests
Hunger and Homelessness Survey : US Council of Mayors report
Homelessness, hunger worsen, mayors' report finds : Boston Globe article
Increasingly Vicious Laws Push Out Homeless : New Standard article
Middle Class Increasingly Uninsured
The Changing Face of the Uninsured : Commonwealth Fund report
On the Fringe: The Substandard Benefits of Workers in Part-Time, Temporary, and Contract Jobs : Commonwealth
Fund report
Worker's Confidence Difficult to Account For
Will More of Us Work Forever? The 2006 Retirement : Employee Benefit Research Institute survey
Ready for retirement? : News Day article
Bill Would Allow Telecom Companies to Impose Digital Class System
The Communications Opportunity Promotion and Enhancement Act of 2006” : proposed legislation
April 4, 2006- Statement at the Markup of the Telecommunications Bill : Rep Ed Markey statement
What Is Net Neutrality? : article
Network Neutrality Amendment Defeated : article
Bill would profoundly change the Internet : San Francisco Chronicle article
it's all true archive
it's all true archive