it's all true                                  05.12.06
Justice Department Reports Serving Secret Subpoenas
Report reveals number of secret FBI subpoenas: Associated Press article
Wiretapping doubled since 9/11 Special court OK'd more than 2,000 warrants last year, report says: Washington
Times article
The FBI's Secret Scrutiny: Washington Post article
White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies': Capitol Hill Blue article
Discrimination is a Religious Tradition at US Colleges
Congress Moves To Except Religious Schools From Gay Rights Laws : article
U.S. Lawmakers Aim to Protect Christian Colleges : Focus on the Family release
Administration Plans to Sell National Forests to Make Ends Meet
Government wants to sell thousands of acres: Seattle Times article
Sale of public lands proposed: San Francisco Chronicle article
Senators balk at plan to sell U.S. forest land: MSNBC report
Some Question Intention of Data Retention
Congress may consider mandatory ISP snooping: CNET News article
ISP snooping gaining support: CNET News article
EU approves data retention rules: BBC News report
Smithsonian Institution Attempts to Privatize its Collection in Deal with Showtime
Filmmakers and Others Petition Against Smithsonian's Showtime Deal : New York Times article
Smithsonian Agreement Angers Filmmakers : New York Times article
Capitol Hill Joins Criticism of Smithsonian Film Deal : Washington Post article
Class Mobility Moves Off-Shore
Understanding Mobility in America : American University-American Progress Report analysis
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it's all true archive