it's all true                                  09.24.06
Subservient Senators Submit to Troubling Torture Tribunals
U.S.: Senate Leaders Reject Explicit Redefinition of Geneva Conventions :Reuters article
Fog clears on terror-suspect legislation : Albuquerque Tribune article
Defense Lawyers Assail Legislation on Detainees : Los Angeles Times article
Differences Settled in Deal Over Detainee Treatment : New York Times article
Exxon Distributes Disinformation Dollars
Royal Society tells Exxon: stop funding climate change denial:  Guardian (UK) article
Exxon misleads on climate change: UK Royal Society:  Reuters article
British Science Group Says Exxon Misrepresents Climate Issues:  New York Times article
Customs Officers to Take a Hard Look at Hard Drives
Unites States vs Stuart Romm: Opinion of Judge Bea
9th Circuit- Laptops May Be Subject to Customs Inspections After Overseas Trips : ABA Journal article
Police blotter: Laptop border searches OK'd : CNet News article
United States vs Flores-Montano : Final order, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
Lawmakers Certify Single Military Messiah
Critics blast prayer portion of defense spending bill : Killeen Daily News article
Conferees back submarine provision in Defense bill : Gov article
Proposal On Military Chaplains And Prayer Holds Up Bill : New York Times article
Interior Problems Increasingly Visible to Outsiders
Interior Dept. blasted for ethics breaches:  San Francisco Chronicle article
Department of Billion-dollar Bungling:  Time Magazine article
Interior Department launches investigation of BLM:  Salt Lake tribune article
Report Documents Rise in Gun Violence
Robberies, Gun Violence Increased Last Year, Justice Report Says:  Washington Post article
U.S. Homicide Rate Up in 2005:  Los Angeles Times article
Transcript of Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty Briefing Reporters Regarding the Uniform Crime Reports:  US Newswire press
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it's all true archive