it's all true                                  10.22.06
Administration Substitutes New Process for Due Process
U.S.: Courts No Longer Open to Detainees:  Washington Post article
Opinions vary on constitutionality of tribunal compromise law:  San Jose Mercury News article
Will the Supreme Court shackle new tribunal law?:  Christian Science Monitor article
The Military Commissions Act of 2006:
Rumsfeld Redefines Chain of Command
Top US general says Rumsfeld is inspired by God : Yahoo News article
Rumsfeld 'is inspired by God' : News South Africa
Naval leader taking helm of Southcom : Lexington KY Herald Leader article
FBI, Homeland Security Seek to Save Data, Delete Privacy
FBI director wants ISPs to track users : News article
Feds Still Stumping For Data Retention Regs : article
Gonzales: ISPs must keep records on users :
News article
Bush Makes Plans to Clear Brush in the Clear
Bush Buys Land in Northern Paraguay : Prensa Latina article
Pres. Bush buys 100,000acre ranch in Paraguay : Indybay article
Jenna Bush in Paraguay for UNICEF Plan : San Francisco Chronicle article
Biography of Ambassador James Cason : US Department of State
Money Grows on Congressional Family Trees
Relatives have 'inside track' in lobbying for tax dollars:  USA Today article
Family ties spark concern in lobby debate:  Boston Globe article
Weldon Faces Tough Opponent, FBI Probe:  ABC News report
Factory Farms Face Pollination Problems
Bees, other pollinators may be declining:  Reuters article
Pollinators' Decline Called Threat to Crops:  Washington Post article
Fewer birds and bees mean trouble for crops:  MSNBC report
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it's all true archive
Source Code Keeps Getting Less Secret
Officials Probing Possible Theft of Voting Software in Md.:  Washington Post article
Diebold declares machines secure:  Baltimore Sun article
Diebold source code leaked again:  Computerworld article
Machines Make Voters Feel Insecure
Security Analysis of the Diebold AccuVote-TS Voting Machine : Princeton University report
Potential problems in U.S. elections : article
City withholds voting machine pay : Chicago Tribune article
Politicians Voted Against Election Reform
Experts warn of foul-ups with new voting machines:  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article
Old election glitches lead to new worries:  Durham Herald Sun article  
Is election reform a priority for politicians?:  
Hardball with Chris Matthews transcript