it's all true                                  11.26.06
Gonzales Defines Freedom as Grave Threat to Freedom
Gonzales attacks ruling against domestic spying:  CNN report
Chertoff says US threatened by international law: Reuters article
Gonzalez blasts surveillance critics: USA Today article
Prepared Remarks of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales at the U.S. Air Force Academy: Justice Department
Programs Abstain From Presenting Scientific Facts
Abstinence Education- Efforts to Assess the Accuracy and Effectiveness of Federal Programs : GOA report
Abstinence Education Assessment Lacking : Guardian UK article
Most Government-Funded Abstinence-Until-Marriage Programs Not Reviewed for Scientific Accuracy : Kaiser Family Network
White House Determined to Act Despite Lack of Intelligence
White House brushes off CIA draft report on Iran: report:  Reuters article
'No proof' of Iran nuclear arms:  BBC News report
CIA finds 'no conclusive evidence' of Iran nuclear weapons program – report:  Daily Star (Lebanon) article
The Next Act:  New Yorker article
You Are Not Free to Move About the Country
6 Imams Removed From Twin Cities Flight:  Washington Post article
6 Imams Removed From Flight for Behavior Deemed Suspicious:  New York Times article
Uproar follows imam’s detention:  Minneapolis Star Tribune article
Probes Launched After Muslims Pulled Off Flight:  Newsweek article
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it's all true archive
Kafkaesque Hearings a Model for Orwellian Tribunals
No-Hearing Hearings at Guantanamo, Combatant Status Review Tribunals: Seton Hall University report
Report: Gitmo detainees denied witnesses : MSNBC report
Report slamming Guantanamo legal conduct to be released : Gulf News article
Guantanamo combatant status reviews 'show trials': report : The Jurist article
Combatant Status Review Tribunals/Administrative Review Boards : Department of Defense Tribunals information
DOD Finds Parting With Toxic Weaponry Difficult
Chemical weapons' disposal delayed : USA Today article
U.S. Request to Extend Deadline for Complete Destruction of Chemical Weapons Stocks : US Department of State
May delay: Weapons destruction : Richmond Register article
Chem demil timetable criticized : Pueblo Chieftan article