it's all true                                  12.03.06
Report Concludes Easily Defeated Software Loses in Landslide
Security Of Electronic Voting Is Condemned:  Washington Post article
Federal Agency Faults Voting Machines:  Guardian (UK) article
E-voting needs paper trail, scientists say:  Reuters article
Audit of Fla. 13 Voting Machines Ends as Fight Rages On:  New York Times article
Aggression Detection System Sounds a Lot Like Big Brother
Word on the street ... they’re listening : Times (UK) online article
Detect Aggressive Voices With Sigard By Sound Intelligence : article
'Big Brother' cameras listen for fights : Cnet News article
US Allies Render Little Assistance in EU Kidnapping Investigation
Council of Europe Criticizes Unhelpful Poland in CIA Prison Probe : Deutsche Welle article
Europeans accused of obstructing CIA probe : Yahoo News article
Top spy in Italy loses his job : International Herald Tribune article
Nations 'hid truth' about CIA prisons : New Zealand Herald article
Justice Delivers 'Pleasing' Halliburton Hand-Slap
Halliburton, Army settle Balkans case : Houston Chronicle article
Halliburton Unit to Pay $8 Million for Overbilling : Washington Post article
Halliburton Subsidiary to Pay Government $8 Million for Overbilling in Kosovo : Fox News report
it's all true archive
it's all true archive
Heated Atmosphere as EPA Denies Global Warming
Justices hear climate debate:  Los Angeles Times article
Supreme Court Takes Up Global Warming Case:  New York Times article
Court Hears Global Warming Case:  Washington Post article
Supreme Court clashes over climate change: Financial Times (UK) article
Americans Finish Well Behind Finnish
Sweden Is Top Democracy; Italy `Flawed,' Study Shows:  Bloomberg News article
India among 54 flawed democracies: Economist :  Times of India article
Norway fourth best democracy:  Aftenposten (Norway) article